What is Sportsbetting 2019

Sports betting are a form of gambling which involves placing a wager. It is also known as an amount of money placed on the outcome of a sporting event to get a higher return.  In a bet, there are two possible outcomes you either win a profit or you lose your wager. However, recently some bookmakers have come with a system that caters for gamblers in the sense that when one loses a bet, he doesn’t lose his entire wager. While sports betting may include wager on sports like hockey, tennis, and golf, it also incorporates placing a wager on entertainment, such as the winner of a dancing competition.

Some common terms associated with sports betting

In-play betting:  In sports betting, wagers can place bets on tournament results or match fixtures, the bet can also take place during a match, this is called in-play betting. For example, a football match involving Barcelona and Arsenal; possible bets could be Arsenal to win away at Barcelona, or Barcelona to win by a goal to nil, both teams to score and over 2.5.

Bookmaker: Anyone or any establishment that provides sports betting services to gamblers is called a betting agency or a bookmaker.

Betting exchange: A betting exchange is a service that provides an avenue in which odd are set.

Gambler: A sports betting customer is called a gambler is certain places or abettor in the USA.

Lay Bet: A lay bet is referred to as a bet against an outcome. For example, you could lay a bet against Serena Williams to win a tennis competition. You win if anyone except Serena Williams wins, and loses if Serena Williams wins the competition.

When you place a wager on the outcome of a sporting event, it means you are backing that outcome. For example, if you place a bet on Chelsea to beat Barcelona, you are backing Chelsea. With betting exchanges, you can place bets “for and against outcomes” simultaneously. On the other hand, bookmakers’ only allow you to place bets on one outcome.   There is a subtle difference between casino gambling and sports betting. In casino games, the possibilities of winning are known while in sports betting, they are only estimated.  While the probability of winning in casinos is known with certainty, sports betting demands patience and research. What bookmakers do is to guess the possible outcome of a sporting event and attach odds to them. When bookmakers provide accurate odds for any event, good profit can be found for all bettors.

Mobile sports betting

It is a well-known fact that mobile device usage has increased throughout the world and that has given rise to online sports betting. Bets can easily be placed from phones and tablets. The most beautiful aspect of this that all most all online sports betting is optimized for Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry devices. If you are looking for new casinos in Ireland 2019 you should check out www.newcasinos.ie.


Sports betting share a lot of similarities with casino games. For both, it’s all about wagering against a particular and hoping to win. However, they do have their difference. Some platforms offer both sports betting and casinos which some others don’t. in the end, it’s about having fun and making some money.

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History Of The Slot Machine and 2018


The slot machine is one of those things that have just existed for so long and have always been around for most of us. The devices, however, do have an original and the evolution from the very first machine to the ones we use today is quite impressive.

The term slot machine was initially used to refer to vending machines and gambling machines. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the name was reserved exclusively for the latter. The fruit machine or one arm bandit were other famous names.

The first slot machine was the Liberty Bell. This slot machine was created by the car mechanic Charles Fey. The San Francisco native created it the year 1895. The original machine had three spinning reels. The reels consisted of hearts, diamonds and spades. It also had a cracked Liberty Bell. Three cracked liberty bells would give the most significant win or payoff.

Demand For Slots

In 1901, the mechanic created another slot machine. The draw poker slot machine. He was also responsible for making the hole in slot machines that differentiates genuine nickels and fake ones based on their size. The machines were rented out to salon owners by Charles with a 50-50 profit split. Charles did not sell the rights for his machine to manufacturers, and in 1907 one manufacturer created a knock-off of the Liberty Bell and used fruits in the reels.

So the high demand of slots could not be covered by Fey and his small shop. The distributors and manufacturers found a way around it. Our favourite comparison site for new casino sites 2018 is www.new-casinosites.uk/slots/. They do weekly updates on new casino slots for the UK market.

The way they worked

The original cast iron slot machines had three reels in it. The reels were painted with ten images. Each pulls off the lever would turn the reels. If three similar photos lined up horizontally, the winner would get a payoff. So the money mostly in coin form would be dispensed by the machine.

Electronic slot machines

Nevertheless, the machines did not get to the electronic part overnight. Slow development helped bring this to The machine that it is today. In the year 1934, Paces Races the favourite animated horse game was created. It was the first electric gambling machine ever to be sold commercially.

Improvements were made in 1964 when an all-electronic gambling machine was created by the company Nevada Electronic. This was the first company to build an all-electronic slot machine. It was a huge milestone in the history of slot machines.

From there on out many other versions of all electronic games were created for slot machines. From dice to roulette to poker.

So the Poker Matic was a standard option in the 1970’s the machine was created by Dale Electronics. The very first electronic slot machine was built by Fortune Coin company in 1975. Finally, hope you have enjoyed this post and will keep coming back! In conclusion, find all of my blog entries here.

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Common casino games played online

2018 casino games

Read all of my new casino articles HERE.

Gambling has been an interesting past time since ages. The risks involved make it exciting and appealing. Online gaming has increased and the popularity has made it a profitable industry. The online casino industry started in 1990. It is also called virtual casino or internet casino. They can be web based or downloaded.

Online casinos offer higher payback percentages than the traditional casinos. Online casinos rent or buy software from companies like Cryptologic Inc, International Game Technology, Microgaming, Play Tech and Real time gaming.

There are websites which offer live dealer casino games. You can see the live games through video steaming link. Players can place bets through a console on their devices and communicate through online chat functions. These are expensive and generally offer only few casino games.

The common online casino games divided into four main groups

  1. Slots
  2. Table games
  3. Video Poker
  4. Special games


Online slot machines work same as the regular slot machines. Bets are placed and the virtual lever is pulled. When they come to rest the images line up. There are different prizes for different configurations. Slot machines start with the 3 line version. There are also 5 and 7 wheels available with certain extra features.

An added advantage of online slots is that it can be played anywhere. It is very easy to learn and convenient for a starter.  There is also extra value available through bonuses and rewards.

Table games

These include all kinds of card games like Blackjack and Baccarat. They also include dice games like craps and roulette.

  • Blackjack This game originated in England. The rules of blackjack are simple and the strategy easy to learn.
  • Baccarat It is one of the oldest casino games. Traditionally it was played for high stakes. The game is very simple. You have the option to bet on your hand or the dealer’s hand.
  • Craps This is a poplar game and played with dice. It is a little complicated because of the variety of betting options.
  • Roulette It first started in France and is called the ‘The king of casino games’. This game is fun to play and watch. There is a wheel with numbered slots. They are colored red or black. Bets can be placed on the number and color.

 Video Poker

This is played like normal poker. However there are no opponents. 5 cards are dealt and you can choose which cards to discard. The discarded cards are replaced and you win depending on the ranking of cards. The aim is to make the best poker hand. The top hand is a royal flush. Some level of skill is required to make the right decision.

Special games

These include all lottery games, Bingo; scratch the card, Keno etc. The rules are very simple and it is easy to play. There are many prizes and bonus is also offered.

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The Chances Of Winning Big At An Online Casino

chances of winning bigOnline casinos have become a multi-billion dollar industry where millions of people can gamble comfortably out of their own home. With a PC on hand, they can play real-life games in a setting like being in an actual casino but still win money. Everything from the dealer to the deposit of money and the winnings is all happening, as well as any live betting against other players participating. Most online casinos have all of the classic games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Slots. They also have variants of those games that are only possible for online play and offers the chance of significant winnings.

The Possibility Of Winning

Online casinos are like physical casinos. One can gamble all they want, but the odds of winning big are low. There are some games that a player will win something minimal and other games players will lose big time. Just like in a real casino, play wisely and strategically, and a small bet can lead to a huge win. So, yes, one can win big while gaming online. The odds of which game is a player most likely to succeed varies, as noted below.

Winning Games

Comparing different casino games, these four games seems to have the best odds: baccarat, craps, blackjack, and roulette. First of all, each game as a “house edge,” the advantage the dealer has over the player. It can be calculated by the following:

(Odds of losing – House Odds) x Odds of Winning = Total Amount

 Using numbers, borrowing European roulette: (36/1 – 35/1) x 1/37 = 0.0270270

Multiply that number by 100, and you will have the house edge = 2.705%. Now, on with the odds of the games…

With blackjack, it is the game mostly to win big by going on a hike streak as blackjack has the lowest house edge. Pick the game carefully as the house edge increases by 0.02% for every deck played. Because it is simply who gets to 21 or not, it is almost a coin flip. With roulette, the house is favoured by 2.7% in Europe-style roulette with it is 5.3% in American-style roulette. In craps or baccarat, the dealer winning is 0.46% while the player winning is 0.44% in a standard eight-deck game. Poker, one other game of winning big, immediately, a single hand that gives a win is 99.5%, regardless of how small the win is.

Losing Games

A game where it is unlikely to win big is the slots, in which there are 33 million combinations with a five-line, ten-symbol system. Wheel of Fortune, in particular, has terrible odds for slot machines, even though it is attractive to play. With video poker, there are 2.6 million combinations and only approximately 1,326 starting hands given in a single deck of blackjack.

Overall, the house has the advantage in every game. For players, it is about picking their favourite game with the better odds. It’s easy to win small at an online casino, but when it comes to winning big. It is about strategy and playing the game right with the bets.

Hope you liked my latest article. To stay on top when I’m publishing new pieces please check back on the main page. Thanks!

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How To Avoid Gambling Addiction

help for gambling addiction

Gambling addiction has to be one of the most common internet-related addictions in the world. It is not uncommon to find a person spending hours and hours on their computer betting online. There is more to addiction than just wasting money. Constant time wasted on the gambling can lead to a bad Habit of missing out on important things.

This is why it is important to not hold back when it comes to finding solutions to all the bad habits that may lead to a constant addiction.

What causes addiction?

There are many reasons why someone would be addicted to online gambling or even casino gambling. Some of those reasons may include.

  • Alcoholism

One of the major cause if addiction is addiction to a drug or alcoholic drinks.

It is not easy to make a good judgement call when you are under the influence of any substance.

  • Mental diseases.

Severe mental diseases can also lead to bad judgement.

  • Depression
  • Bankruptcy or bad debts.

There are many more reasons why you would fall pretty to addiction. Luckily we have some solutions to help you avoid gambling addiction.

One thing is for sure there are plenty of hobbies that you can pick up to avoid gambling. More often than not the thing that keeps people going back to gambling is the adrenaline rush that they get when they are playing. This is why you need a high rush hobby that will satisfy this urge and ensure you do not get addicted to gambling. Try training for a marathon or joining a basketball team to get the blood flowing.

Set your limits

The second thing that will get you in trouble with your gambling is not having a set limit. It will be very hard to Get addicted if you set out clear limits to both losing and winning. Sometimes addiction is formed from continuous winning and then a sudden loss. This means that you can decide to quit after increasing your stake by 25% and you would be safe.

You can also set a limit on how much you can afford to lose

If you decide that there is only £50 pounds for betting then let it stay that way. Trying to chase loses will only leave you with more money lost and a bitter attitude

Take breaks

This is probably the best advice you can ever receive. Always take breaks in between gambling days. Do not do it everyday or sometimes even for weeks. All you need is for you to take slight break and you will be set for a restart. This helps to take your mind off the gambling and concentrate on larger things.

Identify your triggers

Whether it’s is an upcoming occasion or a highly stressful event such as an exam everyone has that thing that triggers them into gambling. This is why you need to be vigilant when it comes to checking for them. This can help you stop yourself before you start.

If you think you are having problems please visit Game Cares website for more information.

If you liked this article and want to find more like it please visit New Casinos UK.

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How does the UK Gambling Commission work?

What is uk gambling commission

The UK Gambling Commission is among several public bodies that are mandated with the task of licensing casinos. Though the licensing of online casinos only began a few years ago, it has become one of the strictest organisations yet. The organisations. Is popularly known as the gambling commission in the UK.

This commission was formed under the Gambling Act of 2005. This act is known to care about the licensing and running of casinos. It was created to supersede the Gambling Act of 1968.  The gambling commission works with other on land control bodies in the licensing of casinos. They ensure that the investigations that carry out are thorough before granting a practising license to any company.

What is the primary purpose of the commission? Part 1

Before any casino can be registered and allowed to work online in the UK, it requires a license from this board. You would need to apply for one as a casino owner. This applies to online Casinos in the UK only. The commission will then carry out regular checks to ensure that websites for casinos are licensed.

The body is also responsible for taking care of the public and protecting them from people who would like to take advantage of vulnerable adults. There are strict rules and guidelines that are a casino company must follow. You cannot have exorbitant rates or edge in your games and expect to get away with it.

Young adults and underage children are not likely to be gambling but those who do not hear and guidance when it comes to it. This is why the gambling commission works with the casino companies to ensure that they are not losing proper adults to gambling addiction and depression. There are some strict rules to joining a gambling site, and this is guaranteed by the gambling commission.

What is the primary purpose of the commission? Part 2

The commission makes use of outsourced integrity companies to determine whether the casino company is setting fair rules and edge for their clients. Without the commission, the casino companies would be free to exploit all their clients with no one to defend them.

This commission is also responsible for the investigations. They carry out on online gambling companies to avoid money laundering or financial crimes. Most people would see this as an opportunity to commit fraud and to launder money through the casino. The commission ensures that’s not happening in the UK.

The offices of this commission are in Birmingham. There are more than 300 plus workers that are working day in and day out to ensure that the environment you play in is safe. The commission is self-sufficient in that it is run by the same levies it applies to online casino companies and collects. First of all thanks for reading, and as always you can find all of my articles HERE.

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Deposit & withdrawal of money in online gaming

withdrawals and depositsOnline gaming has rapidly increased because of faster internet, mobile apps and easy accessibility. It is now a favourite activity, and skill games are giving way to gambling and playing with money. This involves deposit and withdrawal of funds. It is essential to know the rules and regulations, safety & security of your money and the authenticity of the site.

Countries like UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are gambling friendly nations. There are some countries like the US which have strict gambling regulations. The use of credit cards is not permitted for these transactions.

Deposit and withdrawal of money for gaming can be done in many ways. Some popular methods are given below.


E-wallets are easy and fast. This makes it immensely popular. They have high internet speeds and meagre fees. This is a safe and secure method of depositing and withdrawing money. Many sites offer an additional bonus if you opt for this system. Favourite places are Neteller, Paypal and skrill.

Credit and Debit cards

This method is also fast and safe. Like any other transaction, you will have to give your billing address, card number, expiry date and CVV code. The transfer amount depends on the limit permitted by the company. Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover are some of the brands used frequently.

Prepaid Cards

These are similar to Debit/Credit cards. They are permitted only on some gaming sites. Sites which accept credit cards usually accept prepaid cards. A significant advantage is that transactions are discreet and personal details not needed. Commonly used prepaid cards are a Paysafe card and Visa prepaid card.

Cash transfer Services

These services are offered by Western Union Money Transfer and Money Gram Money Transfer. This mode of transaction is popular in the US where Credit cards and E-wallets are not permitted. Western Union has over 27000 outlets all over the world. The procedure is simple. An account with the company has to be opened and registered. This can be done with a credit card. The Money Transfer Control Number can be sent to the gaming site and everything processed with an hour. Cash transfer can also be made directly to the office if you do not want to do it online or use a credit card.


Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, and it is an open source digital currency system. A significant advantage is that it is not controlled by any government or entity. Transactions are anonymous. Bitcoins are not accepted in banks, but some companies like Tiger Drive, Virgin Galactic and Zynga have started receiving them.

The rules and operating procedure may vary with each gaming site. They have to be understood well. Some sites may have a limit on withdrawal of winnings. Then it has to be done in instalments. Transactions can sometimes be delayed owing to lack of limit, exceeding the limit in credit cards or amount not showing after transfer. The problem must be found out rather than immediately conclude that a fraud has occurred

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What Are No Deposits And How It Works

no deposit bonus breakdown

From the start, online casinos have offered all of their user’s different bonuses to play with as a reward. This helps encourage them to spend more money at their casinos besides signing up with them to start. It is a marketing strategy that has become the new norm and players now want them because it does help.

The Match Bonus is the most important bonus out there and given to newcomers for joining in, making an account, and depositing money. Online casinos then match the deposit value, doubling the starting amount one has when playing. For newcomers, after playing the free version, they may not be convinced still to invest in the site, which is why online casinos give the ultimate gift in the no deposit bonus.

What It Is

With no deposits, the casinos are giving free money to players to use. It is a benefit for new players to play any premium game to provide a sample of what the site can do for you in the long term. The expectation with the “No Deposit Bonus” is that players will be enticed to play more of these type of games with their own money after the bonus runs out because that is the only way to play them.

For example, a new online casino offers a No Deposit Bonus of $100. According to the terms and conditions, players need to place at minimum 50 bets within the first hour. For new players, they have nothing much to lose by putting a $5 chance in a slot machine game because it isn’t their money. Players get to have fun with this free money, possibly winning something with it in the short period, and learn more about the different games.

Why Do This

It is not a ploy, as some would think. The point of free money being given is that, if it becomes a winning spin or draw, that person will stay with that game and that website. That is the gift of the “No Deposit Bonus” where it is rare to see a new player win on such short notice, but if they do, that means more business for that site. Online casinos do have these few attachments for the free money to play, but they are exactly as what it is: free.

As noted in the example above, the money given can only be utilised within a time limit, usually within the first two hours, or by reaching a certain number of bets to qualify and keep any free money remaining or win. Besides “No Deposit Bonus,” they also call it a “Free Play Bonus” or a “Free Spin Bonus.” Read the fine print known as “terms & conditions” before moving forward.

What Does It All Mean?

Online gaming is better than ever, and many casinos seek to bring in new clients through a pure bait that has its benefits. But it works, and players have nothing to lose. Again, just a sample version does not convince everybody, so this form of the bribe is a perfect gift for people to join. It is a win-win scenario worth playing.

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Why Many Casino Sites Have The Same Games

why the same games at casinos

When it comes to picking a gaming site, players look at the number of games and their speciality they provide. Casino sites have everything including the best games, and the sites overlap each other with that game. Players look to sign up to different places for more opportunities and the odds are they will find those exact games on these various sites. These games are what brings people over to their website with all of the Internet features, and the competition is just about what specials lure over the customers. So, when it comes to having the same games, they don’t care. Why?

They Are Popular

 Games including different forms of slots, blackjack, video poker, and roulette are the typical games to play online. Players want to see the games they would look in a physical casino and nothing too radical because it’s this that gets them successful. They are produced by various software companies and can come up with variations of that game with different graphics that are eye-popping. When one set becomes a bestseller, a second version is produced, and the same online websites buy it up for their players. Online casino sites go for what is the most popular and what their clients will go for the most.

They Are Sold To All Sites

The same games that are produced by the well-known development companies are sold to everyone and making it not exclusive. Casinos go to different software companies, and it ends up being the same companies for the same variety of games. It won’t line up 100% of the time, but most of them are the same. What will be different are the graphics from one casino to another, so two games will look different while giving players a different feel when playing them.

Because Nothing Else Works

If a game is unpopular or flawed for some reason, an online casino won’t buy it. Yes, they want to stand out and show that they are different with what they have, but a site won’t go different and pick one that doesn’t sell for the sake of being different. If there is something that is in high demand, a site should provide it to join in the competition with others.

For players, they want variety. They go to online casino sites for the best games to choose from. When they go multiple places, they will likely find a number of the same games amongst the dozens of types they have listed. It is about popularity and how affordable they can buy them from the development companies behind it.

For sites, it does not matter if the game is different from their competitors, but if it is being played at any time of day or night. And, for the players, it is a plus to play this game on multiple sites instead of experimenting with others. With the hundreds of games and dozens of online casino sites to choose from, it is narrowed down to the most successful games that will be played.

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How Do Online Casinos Protect Your Information?

casino sites and your info

Online gaming through casinos has been a growing industry where people can freely gamble from home. It is more convenient for them to do so. Especially if it’s within a secure setting where cyber hackers can’t get through to steal the information. Online gaming has some challenges because of the constant threat from hackers and the need to guarantee a player’s safety. But significant online casinos will invest in a system to keep information safe and give that guarantee of a secure operation. This is some of the things to know about how online casinos work to protect personal information. This includes the use of highly encrypted servers, collaborating with other banking vendors, and their description of how their policy features works.

P128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption

All of the best online casinos use P128-bit SSL Data Encryption, which is made to give the safest electronic transactions online. More importantly, the development of SSL technology has become the new standard in security used by shops, banks and websites all over the world. SSL digital encryption shows that all information on people’s credit cards is safe whether the site is online or not. Players should look at the casino’s website for more details on how they keep personal information safe. Encryption is the most common way to save the most sensitive information online, and casinos are aware of this.

Working With Banking Vendors

With the use of P128-bit SSL Data Encryption, there is also the work they do with major companies who also use the same system. The authentic casinos operating online will get and verify credit card data from the same e banks that hold the information of a customer to enhance any transaction’s safety. Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, HSBC, and others use this as well, and some online casino will list them as acceptable forms of payment as secure.  They have the same goal, so working together is beneficial for both parties.

Look At The Privacy Policy

The purpose of a site’s privacy policy is to give information that is also the terms and agreements all users must be aware of. What the actual conditions used in a privacy policy are different in different online casinos. Online casinos are emphatic on keeping the confidentiality of all personal information of a player, and they can never sell or share it with others under the law, as well unable to spam others. Any email given by the website will only come if the user has subscribed to it.

Info that is given, such as preferences in games and bonus when using the casino games, would come through cookies permitted to be safe. Online casinos also get feedback from customers to do their service even better and find ways to make their already secure system even safer because of the growing changes in threats that always try to find holes in hacking into a system.

Online casinos are about not just making money but also protecting it and providing satisfaction from their clients. They will use advanced methods with other banking vendors and software, as well as get help from the people they serve, to solidly their safety mechanisms for keeping information. Find all of my articles HERE.

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