What Are Wagering Requirements?

playthrough requiements

When you think of the gambling world, then you can count on coming across different words every day. There are also various phrases that are used that refer to specific game types or player rules. One of those phrases is wagering requirements.

What are these wagering requirements?

These are the requirements that you would need to fulfil to cash out your deposits in an online casino. There are so many different types of playthrough requirements in different online casinos. You will notice that the two phrases may be used interchangeably. That is why you need to read all the terms and conditions before you decide to accept a bonus from a casino.

Most of the bonuses come pre-attached with a wagering requirement. To better understand what it is let us take the example of a casino with a 10X requirement. This means that if you deposit £20 in the casino wallet online you will need to make winnings that accumulate to £200 for you to cash out. Any winnings before achieving that amount will be held in the pending zone. You cannot withdraw money from the awaiting wallet. Once the required amount is completed, you will have the funds transferred to your actual wallet.

More about wagering

The money in the pending done is not utterly useless though. You can use it to stake on games and in that way earn more money. These playthrough requirements will offer free money as an enticement to get new players to join the site. The casino bonus is often a marketing strategy, and the play through requirements are meant to keep you there for longer. By the time most people have reached their wagering requirements they have become good at a specific game and are bound to come back.

These requirements are used to offset the risk incurred by online casinos. It also encourages people to sign on and play rather than come in every once in a while without signing up.

Some online casino does not allow you to play all games towards the wagering requirements in full. They will assign some percentages to games to show you how much of the winnings will contribute to the wagering requirements.

Are there different types of wagering requirements?

In most casinos, they will offer you a bonus for joining or playing a particular game. You will need to achieve the set goal before you can cash out on any of your winnings.

  • Cashable bonus.

These bonuses are exactly what they say they are. You can cash them out along with your winnings once you achieve the wagering requirements. You can also use the bonus to stake on games and improve your chances of meeting the playthrough requirements faster.

  • Sticky type 1

These bonuses are offered to the player to use when they are staking on several games. There are often restrictions on the games you can apply this bonus on. The only downside is that you may not withdraw the bonus. If you have a £50 pound bonus and make winnings of £100, then your account will read £150. You will not, however, be allowed to withdraw the £50. Once you remove your money, the sticky bonus disappears.

  • Sticky type 2

In this type of bonus, you have all the same features of a sticky type 1 bonus. This means that you will be allowed to use the bonus to stake on certain games. There are different stakes and different bonus amounts for various casinos. The sticky type 2 bonus, however, will not be taken away once you withdraw your money. It will still be available to use in the next game for a limited number of times. This will give you more and more reason to come back and play on the same site. If you’d liked this article find all my articles at the New Casinos UKs first page. Thanks for reading!

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Are free spins really free?

are free spins really free

We are all attracted to anything that is free. The hard fact of life is that nothing is free. Anything free comes with certain conditions attached. This is true in casino games also. It is a known fact that anyone who sells something is out to make a profit. Hence free offers are not always open. Online gaming sites offer free spins to players. It is essential to be aware of what is being provided before using them.

A free spin is a chance to spin the reels on a video slot without paying. Free spins are mainly given to attract players to a new site.  There are two kinds of free spin. They are Conditional free spin and Unconditional free spin.

Conditional free spin

Most casinos offer free spins which are contingent. In a limited free turn, the player has to fulfil certain conditions to avail the facility of free spin. Free spin is offered on condition that the player registers and deposits a certain amount of money. There are no conditions that the player has to spend the deposit. This is a fallacy since the casino is expecting the player to use the money for gaming later. They bank on the possibility that playing may tempt the player to return and deposit more money. This is a simple but effective strategy.

Conditional free spin may also be offered to try out a new variation of the game or as a welcome to a new gaming site.

Sometimes free spin is offered without the player having to register or deposit.  When the player wins, however, he is not permitted to take the winnings unless he registers.

Winning in free spins is paid as bonus dollars and not real money. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn immediately. They have to be wagered again to win real dollars. This is called as wagering requirement or turnover requirement.  Wagering requirements vary from casino to casino.

Unconditional free spin

In this case, the player is offered free spins with no conditions attached. He can take his winnings in the form of real cash. This very rarely offered these days. In the past casinos used to provide free spins as an introductory offer and allow players to take their winnings.

Kinds of free spins

Some casinos offer free spins where the winnings are very little. Victory may not be winning. There are super spins where the winning amount is enormous. This is however rare.

Honest spins are free spins where there are no wagering requirements.

Some free spins are offered depending on the amount of money deposited. Winnings in some games are also in the form of free spins.

Most free spins are rarely free. It is, however, essential to understanding what you are playing for. Free spins are kinds of advertisement offer to increase the number of players. The urge to try something new especially if it is free is the strategy behind casinos offering free spins. Find my this article and other on the main page HERE.

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