History Of The Slot Machine and 2018


The slot machine is one of those things that have just existed for so long and have always been around for most of us. The devices, however, do have an original and the evolution from the very first machine to the ones we use today is quite impressive.

The term slot machine was initially used to refer to vending machines and gambling machines. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the name was reserved exclusively for the latter. The fruit machine or one arm bandit were other famous names.

The first slot machine was the Liberty Bell. This slot machine was created by the car mechanic Charles Fey. The San Francisco native created it the year 1895. The original machine had three spinning reels. The reels consisted of hearts, diamonds and spades. It also had a cracked Liberty Bell. Three cracked liberty bells would give the most significant win or payoff.

Demand For Slots

In 1901, the mechanic created another slot machine. The draw poker slot machine. He was also responsible for making the hole in slot machines that differentiates genuine nickels and fake ones based on their size. The machines were rented out to salon owners by Charles with a 50-50 profit split. Charles did not sell the rights for his machine to manufacturers, and in 1907 one manufacturer created a knock-off of the Liberty Bell and used fruits in the reels.

So the high demand of slots could not be covered by Fey and his small shop. The distributors and manufacturers found a way around it. Our favourite comparison site for new casino sites 2018 is www.new-casinosites.uk/slots/. They do weekly updates on new casino slots for the UK market.

The way they worked

The original cast iron slot machines had three reels in it. The reels were painted with ten images. Each pulls off the lever would turn the reels. If three similar photos lined up horizontally, the winner would get a payoff. So the money mostly in coin form would be dispensed by the machine.

Electronic slot machines

Nevertheless, the machines did not get to the electronic part overnight. Slow development helped bring this to The machine that it is today. In the year 1934, Paces Races the favourite animated horse game was created. It was the first electric gambling machine ever to be sold commercially.

Improvements were made in 1964 when an all-electronic gambling machine was created by the company Nevada Electronic. This was the first company to build an all-electronic slot machine. It was a huge milestone in the history of slot machines.

From there on out many other versions of all electronic games were created for slot machines. From dice to roulette to poker.

So the Poker Matic was a standard option in the 1970’s the machine was created by Dale Electronics. The very first electronic slot machine was built by Fortune Coin company in 1975. Finally, hope you have enjoyed this post and will keep coming back! In conclusion, find all of my blog entries here.

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