What is Sportsbetting 2019

Sports betting are a form of gambling which involves placing a wager. It is also known as an amount of money placed on the outcome of a sporting event to get a higher return.  In a bet, there are two possible outcomes you either win a profit or you lose your wager. However, recently some bookmakers have come with a system that caters for gamblers in the sense that when one loses a bet, he doesn’t lose his entire wager. While sports betting may include wager on sports like hockey, tennis, and golf, it also incorporates placing a wager on entertainment, such as the winner of a dancing competition.

Some common terms associated with sports betting

In-play betting:  In sports betting, wagers can place bets on tournament results or match fixtures, the bet can also take place during a match, this is called in-play betting. For example, a football match involving Barcelona and Arsenal; possible bets could be Arsenal to win away at Barcelona, or Barcelona to win by a goal to nil, both teams to score and over 2.5.

Bookmaker: Anyone or any establishment that provides sports betting services to gamblers is called a betting agency or a bookmaker.

Betting exchange: A betting exchange is a service that provides an avenue in which odd are set.

Gambler: A sports betting customer is called a gambler is certain places or abettor in the USA.

Lay Bet: A lay bet is referred to as a bet against an outcome. For example, you could lay a bet against Serena Williams to win a tennis competition. You win if anyone except Serena Williams wins, and loses if Serena Williams wins the competition.

When you place a wager on the outcome of a sporting event, it means you are backing that outcome. For example, if you place a bet on Chelsea to beat Barcelona, you are backing Chelsea. With betting exchanges, you can place bets “for and against outcomes” simultaneously. On the other hand, bookmakers’ only allow you to place bets on one outcome.   There is a subtle difference between casino gambling and sports betting. In casino games, the possibilities of winning are known while in sports betting, they are only estimated.  While the probability of winning in casinos is known with certainty, sports betting demands patience and research. What bookmakers do is to guess the possible outcome of a sporting event and attach odds to them. When bookmakers provide accurate odds for any event, good profit can be found for all bettors.

Mobile sports betting

It is a well-known fact that mobile device usage has increased throughout the world and that has given rise to online sports betting. Bets can easily be placed from phones and tablets. The most beautiful aspect of this that all most all online sports betting is optimized for Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry devices. If you are looking for new casinos in Ireland 2019 you should check out www.newcasinos.ie.


Sports betting share a lot of similarities with casino games. For both, it’s all about wagering against a particular and hoping to win. However, they do have their difference. Some platforms offer both sports betting and casinos which some others don’t. in the end, it’s about having fun and making some money.

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