How does the UK Gambling Commission work?

What is uk gambling commission

The UK Gambling Commission is among several public bodies that are mandated with the task of licensing casinos. Though the licensing of online casinos only began a few years ago, it has become one of the strictest organisations yet. The organisations. Is popularly known as the gambling commission in the UK.

This commission was formed under the Gambling Act of 2005. This act is known to care about the licensing and running of casinos. It was created to supersede the Gambling Act of 1968.  The gambling commission works with other on land control bodies in the licensing of casinos. They ensure that the investigations that carry out are thorough before granting a practising license to any company.

What is the primary purpose of the commission? Part 1

Before any casino can be registered and allowed to work online in the UK, it requires a license from this board. You would need to apply for one as a casino owner. This applies to online Casinos in the UK only. The commission will then carry out regular checks to ensure that websites for casinos are licensed.

The body is also responsible for taking care of the public and protecting them from people who would like to take advantage of vulnerable adults. There are strict rules and guidelines that are a casino company must follow. You cannot have exorbitant rates or edge in your games and expect to get away with it.

Young adults and underage children are not likely to be gambling but those who do not hear and guidance when it comes to it. This is why the gambling commission works with the casino companies to ensure that they are not losing proper adults to gambling addiction and depression. There are some strict rules to joining a gambling site, and this is guaranteed by the gambling commission.

What is the primary purpose of the commission? Part 2

The commission makes use of outsourced integrity companies to determine whether the casino company is setting fair rules and edge for their clients. Without the commission, the casino companies would be free to exploit all their clients with no one to defend them.

This commission is also responsible for the investigations. They carry out on online gambling companies to avoid money laundering or financial crimes. Most people would see this as an opportunity to commit fraud and to launder money through the casino. The commission ensures that’s not happening in the UK.

The offices of this commission are in Birmingham. There are more than 300 plus workers that are working day in and day out to ensure that the environment you play in is safe. The commission is self-sufficient in that it is run by the same levies it applies to online casino companies and collects. First of all thanks for reading, and as always you can find all of my articles HERE.

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